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With 140 years of experience, Betafence is the world leader in perimeter solutions.
We manufacture fencing systems of renowned quality to secure people, assets, and businesses around the globe.


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Betafence global

Global reach

Betafence is a marketleader in integrated security projects and fencing systems. To our customers, we deliver security solutions all over the world and realize major projects with the same reliability. 

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Betafence quality

Know-how and quality

Betafence looks back at more than 130 years of the highest quality in fencing solutions. As the leader in product, service, integration and application innovation, Betafence sets standards of excellence for the entire industry.

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Betafence secvurity


Customers are our number one priority, we ensure that the solutions developed by our specialists are the most suitable to the specific needs. We want to fundamentally contribute to our customer’s quality of life and quality of business.

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Betafence environment

Sustainable development

Being environmentally responsible is one of the main Betafence commitments. We aim to use the best technologies and materials available to guarantee sustainable development.

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