Applicable for Betafence products with CE label

uk-flag.png English: Declaration of Performance (DoP)

france-flag.png  French: Déclaration de Performance (DoP)

nl-flag.png Dutch : Prestatieverklaring (DoP)

german-flag.png German : Leistungsnachweis (LN)

pl-flag.png Polish : Deklaracje właściwosci użytkowych

italy-flag.png Italian : Dichiarazione di prestazione (DoP)

spain-flag.png Spanish : Declaración de prestaciones (DoP)

portugal-flag.png Portuguese : Declaração de desempenho

lithuania-flag.jpg Lithuanian :  eksploatacinių savybių deklaracija (dop)


We're excited to let you know that Betafence South Africa is now part of Guardiar, a global, market-leading total perimeter security solutions company.

Guardiar will continue to offer the same products and services as Betafence South Africa has, and we will be adding exciting and broader product lines.

You can visit www.guardiar.com to learn about Guardiar, or tick the ‘got it’ box below to continue to the Betafence South Africa website.

If you have any questions please contact us on info@guardiar.com

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