Local references

International references [please note all of these products may not be available in your country]

Barofor - Rostock - Germany - Eurawasser Nord GmbH

Nylofor 2D Super/XL - Okoli - Croatia

Nylofor 3D Pro/XL - Ouarzazate - Morocco

Bekamatic SC gate - Hamburg - Germany

Securifor 358 Double Skin - South Africa

Guardian fence system - United States

Nylofor 3D - Sierakowice - Poland

Cape Town - South Africa

Nylofor 3D Super - Jastrebarsko - Croatia

Securifor - Antwerp - Belgium

Nylofor 3D - Lędziny k/Tych - Poland

Securifor 3D - South Africa

Nylofor 3-M (old type) - Zagreb - Croatia

Decofor - Kuwait

Securifor - Merksem - Belgium

Crashbarrier - Belgium

Nylofor 3D Pro/XL - Oldenburg - Germany

Nylofor 3-M (old type) - Diepholz - Germany

Securifor 358 Single Skin - Witbank - South Africa

Securifor - Perpignan - France

Nylofor 3D Pro/XL - San Giovanni Suergiu (CA) - Italy

Plasitor - Tisselt - Belgium

Nylofor 3D Multi - Bonnat - France

Egidia swing gate - Imielin - Poland

Nylofor 2D Super/XL - Rio Maior - Portugal

Plasitor - Qinshan (Zhejiang) - China

Securifor - Belmont - Australia


Nylofor F - Spain

Nylofor 3D - Fougeroles - France

Plasitor - Ostend - Belgium

Robusta SC gate - Oostkamp - Belgium

Nylofor Lidya - Turkey

Securifor - Canberra - Australia

Guardian fence system - United States

Securifor - South Africa

Securifor 358 Single Skin - South Africa

Securifor 358 Dublo - South Africa

Securifor 358 Single Skin - South Africa

Securifor 358 Single Skin - South Africa

Plasitor - Laos

Securifor - Nigeria

Nylofor Medium (old) - Veurne - Belgium

Nylofor 3-M (old type) - Middelkerke - Belgium

Bekamatic SC gate - Bazel - Belgium

Gabions - Hooglede - Belgium

Securifor 3D - Driel - Netherlands

Motto - Espinho - Portugal

Nylofor Medium (old) - Suzhou - China

Nylofor 3-M (old type) - Jiyeh - Lebanon

Bekamatic SC gate - Stavanger - Norway

Nylofor 3D - Kuala Belait - Brunei

Nylofor Medium (old) - Sudan

Nylofor F - Åsbro - Sweden

Nylofor Medium (old) - China

Nylofor 3D - Oostkamp - Belgium

Nylofor 2D Super/XL - Minderhout - Belgium

Fortinet Super - Shuaiba - Kuwait

Nylofor F - Gothenburg - Sweden

Fortinet Medium - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Bekamatic SC gate - Brugge - Belgium

Plasitor - Shenzhen (Guangdong) - China

Nylofor F - Antwerpen - Belgium

Bekamatic SC gate - Stavanger - Norway

Nylofor 3D - Lisboa - Portugal

Securifor - Tianwan (Jiangsu) - China

Ressources and energy plant needs to be more and more secure. They should be the safest and most secured industrial facilities in the world. For years now, Betafence works closely with engineers to understand their critical issues and propose our best solutions, from the easiest one to the most sophisticated wire mesh fence and security solution. 

We maintain the highest standard of operational safety and security; we understand your safety procedures and stringent regulations. Our fencing panels system range is so extensive that you should always find the product you'll need to reinforce your plant, your entrance, your storage, or any other place in your environment.


We're excited to let you know that Betafence South Africa is now part of Guardiar, a global, market-leading total perimeter security solutions company.

Guardiar will continue to offer the same products and services as Betafence South Africa has, and we will be adding exciting and broader product lines.

You can visit www.guardiar.com to learn about Guardiar, or tick the ‘got it’ box below to continue to the Betafence South Africa website.

If you have any questions please contact us on info@guardiar.com

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